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Web Page

What is a web page?

A website or web pag abbreviation is just the way it was agreed globally show information on the Internet. An example of this is on the same Web Page.

Types of Websites

There are two types of web pages. Static web pages and dynamic web pages. The differences between the two is that the features in the static pages are reduced when we need our web page or website you to realize automated tasks while when programming a website or a dynamic web page can accomplish more complex tasks and automated.

How to create a web page?

Creating a website is easy or complex based on the level of autonomy and functionality quedramos have our website or web page. So it is important before you start creating a website define what we want our website or website does. After this is determined to create a website can use any of the tools created to facilitate the creation of web pages and websites such as: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, Notepad + + CodeLobster and others.